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A plumbing system is the heart of the home or business. Too often the operation of the system is taken for granted. Turn on the water, and there it is. Flush away waste, and it disappears. Turn on the disposal and the sink is cleared. Take a hot shower, and it’s a hot shower. When any of these systems act up or cease to operate, convenience turns to inconvenience or worse. Much like the human body, systems must be maintained and immediate and long-term needs to be assessed and addressed. Galli Plumbing Services offers a wide range of these services to maintain and solve your plumbing needs. Our licensed journeyman plumber/technicians super serve Broken Arrow, South Tulsa, and Bixby, but are available for services anywhere in the Tulsa metro. We value your time and will listen and respond to your need in the fastest possible time frame.

Plumbing Services

Remodel Phase of kitchen

Installation of Tankless Water Heater

Installation of Tankless Water Heater

Remodel Phase

Remodel Phase

Installation of Hot Water Tank

Installation of Hot Water Tank


Experts in repair and installation of kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower valves and fixtures, kitchen and utility room sinks, toilets, outside hose bibs, and kitchen food disposals. All of these systems will fail with age, abuse, or a previous improper installation. We will evaluate the need and make the proper repair or replace along with fixture replacement recommendations that will fit the budget.


Toilets won’t flush? Kitchen and bathroom sink, shower, and tubs are backing up? Getting a peculiar smell in the home or business? Soft and wet spot on the outside of your property? Excellent chance there is stoppage or backup or a break in the sewer line. There are many reasons for that stoppage or break. Improper disposal of objects or grease down the drains, tree roots, age of the system, and a previous improper installation. The sewer line is paramount for moving all waste and wastewater from the home or business and eventually to a treatment plant. We employ state of the art video cameras and state of the art sewer machines to clear the line. We will visit, evaluate, and recommend the best course of action. This is a major part of the heart of the home.


One of our most often requested services is the sometimes simple drain clean. Slow drainage or no drainage at the kitchen or bathroom sinks or baths or shower? Certainly our customers will attempt to clear those drains, and often successfully. And that’s great. Do try first to clean out the hair in bathroom sinks and showers. This will many times make the problem go away. Please do not pour down the drain the commercially available products that claim to clear the drain. They may do so temporarily, but we have found that greater damage is done to your system with these chemicals. Now is the time to call Galli Plumbing Services.

Hot Water Systems

Experts in water heater and tankless hot water heater installation. Forget the cold shower or no warm water for washing hands and dishes. Back to the heart of the home: No hot water is absolutely a health issue. Hot water heaters generally need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. They do require yearly maintenance to help retard calcium buildup to the tank itself as well as cleaning of the burner plate apparatus. Please call us to visit and evaluate the current situation with the appliance and we will make the proper recommendations for the next course of action.

Water Piping and Leak Repair

We are experts in the repair and replacement of water piping. These are the “vessels”, and the “heart of the home” that carry convenience & life giving water from the city supply to the home or business and distribute it throughout the home or business. Galli Plumbing Services can locate and repair those leaking pipes, indoors or out. We can perform, from under the ground and up, complete home or business re-piping. Age of the piping and previous improper installation along with use of substandard materials will cause failure of this important system. Free evaluation and recommendation for the proper course of action.

Natural Gas Piping and Leak Repair

Natural Gas Systems, “the heart of the home”. Feeding the gas furnace to produce warm air, feeding the gas stove for cooking for daily sustenance, and feeding the gas water heater for comfort, convenience, and health. If you believe you smell gas, a rotten egg odor, please call us immediately. We will come to you ASAP and assess the situation. Leaking natural gas is not to be ignored. If the gas company detects that the home or business is using an unusual amount of gas, they will come to the home or business and shut it off. They will instruct that a licensed plumber apply for a permit, perform a leak test, repair or replace, and order an inspection by the jurisdiction of the location. Let us help you right away.

Remodel and New Construction

Galli Plumbing Services offers expert plumbing services from scratch and the ground up, or that special remodel of the home or business. Want to relocate bath fixtures or a utility room? Building a new home? We use quality materials and cut no corners. Quality is what our installation and repair is all about. We are proud of what we do. And you will be too.




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